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The one thing that is very clear about COVID-19 is that certain populations are at high risk for serious disease related morbidity and mortality.  Diabetics are among those at highest risk.  During this pandemic, we are determined to keep our doors open (at least our virtual doors) to provide care to thousands of diabetic patients in the region.   Moreover, we are proud to be open and able to accept new CONSULTATIONS via Televisit.  

COVID-19 Precautions for Office Visits

During the COVID-19 Pandemic we have put the following procedures in place to provide a clean, safe environment for our patients and staff.




Our top priority is the health of our patients, providers, staff and community. TELEVISITS ARE NOW AVAILABLE AS AN OPTION FOR APPOINTMENTS. LEARN MORE, AND GET THE LATEST COVID-19 UPDATES.


Welcome to Advocare Endocrinology Associates of Princeton

Whether performing an ultrasound guided biopsy of a suspicious thyroid nodule or using the latest technology to obtain continuous blood sugar readings to optimize glycemic control, it is our responsibility to stay on top of the latest diagnostic and treatment modalities and we take this responsibility seriously. We are committed to providing evidence-based care to our patients; that is, we base our decision making on the most current medical literature. 

Unlike large, impersonal groups, we strive to be different. We take great pride in being available to our patients and colleagues in the community. We hope that every treatment plan is the product of collaboration between an informed patient and a knowledgeable physician. 

Finally, the work we do is only as good as the effort put forth by our patients; therefore, we insist that every patient is involved in and dedicated to their health.

News & Announcements

We are proud to announce Tiffany Tsang, MD has joined Advocare Endocrinology Associates of Princeton.  Dr. Tsang will be seeing patients in our Princeton and Lawrenceville locations.
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Healthy Tips

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