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To help provide timely service to our patients, we prefer to schedule all visits.  If you are late for a follow up visit, we will try to work you back into the schedule, or perhaps offer you an appointment with another provider.  If you are more than 15 minutes late (the entire duration of your allotted time), you WILL be asked to reschedule under most circumstances.  IF YOU ARE A NEW PATIENT to the practice, you MUST be at the office 15 minuts prior to your scheduled appointment time.  This will allow you to fill out paper work, ensure we have any necessary clinical data, and if necessary an active referral.  The doctors want to be able to provide you their full attention without rushing.  If you show up AFTER THE START OF YOUR APPOINTMENT, you WILL BE ASKED to reschedule your visit.  Please recognized that if you have a 1PM visit, and you show up at 1PM, you cannot possibly be registered and prepped for your visit with the doctor until 1:15PM.  This does not leave enough time for the doctor to properly evaluate your concerns.  AGAIN, WE ARE STRESSING THAT IF YOU ARE A NEW PATIENT, YOU ARE EXPECTED TO BE AT THE OFFICE AT LEAST 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO YOUR VISIT.